Training Program – Short Term for Faculties

Module Code Name of the Module Duration
TPS-101 Nucleic Acid Extraction & Quantification 4 Days
TPS-102 Genomic DNA Extraction & PCR 4 Days
TPS-103 Total RNA Extraction & RT-PCR 4 Days
TPS-104 rDNA Techniques 5 Days
TPS-105 Fundamentals of Genetics 5 Days
TPS-106 Transformation Techniques 5 Days
TPS-107 Varied PCR Techniques 5 Days
TPS-108 Blotting Techniques 3 Days
TPS-109 Chromatography Techniques 4 Days
TPS-110 Genetic Engineering 7 Days
TPS-111 Gene Mutation, Detection & Repair 5 Days
TPS-112 Protein Isolation & Separation 4 Days
TPS-113 Characterization of Proteins 4 Days
TPS-114 Finger-Gene Expression Techniques 4 Days
TPS-115 Gene Expression Techniques 5 Days
TPS-116 Enzymology Techniques 5 Days
TPS-117 Immuno-diffusion Techniques 4 Days
TPS-118 ELISA Techniques 3 Days
TPS-119 Isolation & Identification of Bacteria 5 Days
TPS-120 Plant Tissue Culture 5 Days ( breaks in between)
TPS-121 Animal Tissue Culture 5 Days ( breaks in between)