Our Plant Tissue Culture facility has 7000 Sq.ft. built up area, which has been divided into functional areas like, Media preparation, Media storage, Production Lab and Growth Chambers.

Green house /shadow house
Climate controlled green house (Fan Pad) of over 5000 sq.ft space is available for hardening of various kinds of tissue culture raised plants.

We have 7000 Sq.ft of Net - Shade House area for the secondary hardening as well growing of various kinds of plants under insect free conditions.

Plant growth Chambers
Our Plant Tissue Laboratory has Two large growth Chambers/racks sufficient to propagate around 1 million plant cultures at any given time depending on the plant species under production.

Production Lab
In the Laminar Flow area at Medox Biotech has the capacity to accommodate 16 technicians at a time. The Laminar flow benches are specially designed in order to prevent the contamination.

Media storage room
The media storage area can hold approximately 20000 bottles at a time. Normally the media prepared are stored for a week to check any contamination during the process before it is released for the production.

Media Preparation room
The media preparation area of is equipped with necessary equipments for media preparation coupled with steam sterilizer. 80 Lit. of media can be prepared dispensed and autoclaved in one shift ( 8 hr. Shift)

Water Purifier section
Our Laboratory is also equipped with High capacity (50Lt./Hr.) Reverse Osmosis system to provide the best quality water for irrigation.